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Protecting Your Family’s Rights in Probate Court

Unfortunately, not every person has the foresight to prepare a will or establish a trust prior to his or her death. When someone dies without leaving specific directions regarding the final distribution of assets to a spouse or heirs, a probate court judge must make those difficult decisions.

If you have found yourself facing probate court to fight for your family’s interests, an experienced probate law attorney can help you protect your rights.

Sound Probate Advice and Strong Representation

I am tax and estate planning attorney Connie Yi. I represent non-contested probate cases. I have been helping families protect their rights in probate court since I opened my law offices in Pleasanton, California, in 2003. Prior to opening my own law firm, I worked for years in a Big Four public accounting firm. In my experience, I have had daily exposure to aspects of the tax and probate laws, including frequent appearances before the local probate courts.

Call 888-312-6978 or contact me online about how I can help you protect your legal and financial interests in probate court.

I can help you resolve probate law issues relating to:

  • Non-contested probate court hearings
  • Spousal petitions
  • Conservatorship and guardianship

As an experienced tax law attorney, I can work with your family to do the hands-on calculations and strategize to help you determine what tax issues are likely to have the greatest impact on your financial future.

Some probate court decisions are no-brainers — you won’t need a lawyer

At my firm, you get more than legal advice. You get very real answers to very real tax and probate questions. If you have a simple case that only requires a spousal petition or other simple response, I will tell you whether you can handle it yourself.

I promise to be responsive to your family’s needs. I will return your calls promptly and make sure you understand the status of your case.

Contact me about your probate law matter. You can call me toll-free at 888-312-6978 or e-mail me.

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