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How might a second/subsequent marriage affect my estate plan?

“Significant changes.”

Those are the words we use on our website at the Bay Area Law Offices of Connie Yi to signify -- and underscore -- the impact that a second or subsequent marriage will likely have on an individual’s estate plan.

Business succession key component of some estate plans

Readers of our blogs at the Bay Area estate planning Law Offices of Connie Yi know well a mantra that we periodically reinforce for both valued clients and individuals thinking about crafting a tailored plan.

That is this: The universe of estate planning embraces far more than a commonplace focus on will execution. Although making a will and timely updating it as necessary is a core goal for most planners, truly comprehensive and meaningful estate planning often encompasses much more than that in any given case.

Promoting client goals through integrated estate and tax planning

Many individuals spanning broad and diverse pockets of Northern California are the founders and operators of successful businesses. A fair number of those enterprises have an international nexus, through production, investment or other ways.

We note on our website at the long-established Bay Area Law Offices of Connie Yi that the complexity and dynamism of such companies can give rise to myriad tax issues. Those often involve offshore accounts and asset transfers.

The ongoing, evolving legal response to the present health challenge

Things are certainly not normal for California residents and all other Americans (indeed, all global citizens) currently. We unquestionably face a stark and unprecedented challenge from the COVID-19 viral pandemic.

Concededly, the nature and spread of that nemesis is fundamentally concerning. It is heartening to note at the same time, though, the growing traction and resolve of the government – at all levels – in marshalling resources and taking proactive measures to fight the virus. In many ways, and unsurprisingly so, California is leading the way forward in those efforts.

Building a strong will to protect your legacy

Creating a strong will and estate plan is one of the strongest ways a person can establish a legacy to leave behind them. However, as any estate planning professional will tell you, simply crafting a will or estate plan is not always enough to protect one's wishes for their estate. Often, one or more parties may challenge a will, causing significant conflict between beneficiaries and often altering the wishes of the will's creator.

If you suspect that someone may challenge your will and complicate your legacy, there are steps you can take to keep your wishes for the estate secure. With a well-built estate plan and will, and some additional protections put in place, it is possible to ensure that your wishes for your property and beneficiaries remain intact. If you have not reviewed your will and estate plan for weaknesses, now is the time to do so.

The complementary – not dueling – nature of wills and trusts

Does it have to be one or the other?

In the universe of estate planning and administration, that is a question many individuals, couples and families ask themselves when they consider wills and trusts.

Are there concerns for a planner who splits time between two states?

In considering the above-posed headline query for today’s blog post, let’s substitute the word “concerns” with the less alarming phrase “some things to think about.”

Because the bottom line is this: Legions of Americans – individuals and couples alike – spend a substantial amount of their time each year living in two or even more states. Although that might present a few paperwork challenges, it doesn’t automatically make their lives unduly complex from an estate planning context.

Spotlighting “triggers” that can inspire estate planning, creation

It’s akin to the two sides of a coin.

On the one hand, turning toward necessary planning regarding an individual or family estate “may feel daunting, time-consuming and/or expensive.”

Power of attorney selections can be a bit of a challenge

We refer on our website at the established Bay Area Law Offices of Connie Yi to “one of the most important decisions you’ll make when you’re planning your estate.”

California readers of our estate planning blogs might reasonably conjure up a lot of possibilities vying for “most important” consideration.

What are the duties of a guardian?

When picking a guardian for your children, you need to think carefully about the duties that they'll have to perform. It's imperative that you pick the right person, and you need someone who can take these tasks in stride. That's also why it's so important to talk with them beforehand, making sure they understand exactly what being a guardian means and what they'll need to do if you pass away unexpectedly.

It is worth noting that guardians are not always for minor children. They may also be used for those with special needs and requirements that mean they must be cared for even into adulthood. Again, talk with the guardian for your children to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

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