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Oakland Beneficiaries’ Rights Law Firm

As a beneficiary of a trust or will, you have a legally enforceable right against the estate, trust and trustee. If your rights are in any way disregarded, you can take legal action.

I am attorney Connie Yi. For more than 20 years I have been helping beneficiaries throughout the Bay Area enforce their rights.

Beneficiaries’ Rights Lawyer In Hayward

In general, beneficiaries have the right to:

  • Be considered as the recipient of trust assets or distributions from the trust
  • To be treated fairly and impartially by the trustee
  • To seek assistance from the court if the trustee is not administering the trust according to the terms of the trust document
  • To appeal to the court to remove an existing trustee and appoint a new one

Beneficiaries also have the right to information about the assets contained in the trust, any deeds that set out the terms of the trust, the financial health of the trust, including any income, assets, expenses and debts of the trust, as well as information about the trustees.

I pride myself on being efficient. When clients come to me, they trust that every move made on their behalf is done in an effort to resolve their legal issue in the most effective manner possible.

However, as a beneficiary of a trust, many of your rights will depend on the terms of the trust document. These documents can be lengthy and complex legal documents. As an experienced estate planning and trust administration attorney, I have vast experience reading and interpreting trust documents.

I will thoroughly examine the terms of your trust agreement to determine whether your rights as a beneficiary have been violated. If your rights have been ignored, we will aggressively pursue legal action to force the trustee to pay out the benefits you are owed.

Oftentimes, out-of-court communication with the trustee is all that is necessary to obtain rightful benefits. However, sometimes trust litigation may be necessary to enforce your rights and hold trustees liable for their wrongful acts.

Protect Your Rights As A Beneficiary. Contact The Law Offices Of Connie Yi, PC.

Contact me, Alameda County estate planning lawyer Connie Yi, at 888-312-6978 to schedule a consultation. I speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese.

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