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Linsday Lohan squares up with the IRS — for 2009’s unpaid taxes, anyhow

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Lately, when we hear about Lindsay Lohan, it is because she is getting into a car accident or is starring in a made-for-TV movie of debatable quality.

One of Lohan’s recent troubles involves unpaid taxes. Her story actually represents a set of circumstances from which Alameda County readers can learn one or two important things.

In 2009, Lohan did not pay her taxes. She has not said why, but there are several reasons people often cite for not paying taxes. Usually, it is not that they did not want to or did not think they had to — it is that they couldn’t, for some reason

Understandably, theIRS took issue with this and filed a tax lien against her home in Encino. Generally speaking, a tax lien is a security interest granted over property because taxes have not been paid. If the taxes are not paid, the IRS can seize the property to satisfy the tax debt.

On Dec. 26, the IRS issued a statement saying that Lohan had paid $93,701.57 to have the lien removed. The payment resolves her debt with the IRS, at least as far as her 2009 taxes are concerned. Reportedly, Lohan did not pay her 2010 and 2011 taxes, either, and those issues are outstanding.

So, what can be learned from Lohan’s story? The first, obviously, is that taxes should be paid in a timely manner. But if, for whatever reason, you cannot or did not pay your taxes, the IRS has legal recourse against you and you, in turn, have legal rights and options if it chooses to exercise those rights.

Tax law is far too complicated to succinctly summarize in a blog post, but we want you to know that experienced, qualified assistance with tax issues is available.

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