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Many planners are understandably focused now on POA selections

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We prominently stress on the website of our long-established Bay Area estate planning law firm a fundamental point concerning life’s ongoing developments.

That is this: “It is impossible to plan for the unforeseeable.”

Notwithstanding that fact, we also underscore at the Law Offices of Connie Yi that proactive and forward-looking individuals can unquestionably take purposeful action to broadly address future contingencies. In doing so, they can protect themselves “in the event of future illness, incapacity or death.”

There is no way to sugarcoat the unprecedented health challenge that now confronts Californians, other Americans and citizens spanning the globe. We have recently spotlighted the COVID-19 pandemic in some of our blog posts. We noted in our March 24 entry the core reality that things are presently “not normal.”

Still, and notwithstanding the stark derailing of all things routine, legions of professionals interacting with the public strive hard and in good faith to keep lines of communication open with their valued clients.

Our law firm is certainly among the businesses seeking to do so. The above-cited blog post details specific steps we have taken recently to maintain meaningful contact with both prospective clients and the many individuals and families already relying upon us for sound guidance and legal advocacy.

We noted in that communication and reaffirm today that our firm “largely remains open and with the ready ability to fully represent our diverse and valued clientele via phone or video conferencing.”

Our representation continues to encompass all matters that are relevant within the planning universe.

Notably, an increasingly key focus for many planners during the current pandemic is on power of attorney designations and linked document execution. Heightened attention on that subject matter is understandable for several reasons. We will take a detailed look at POAs in our next blog post.