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Staying on a solid planning track during uncertain times

| Apr 28, 2020 | Uncategorized |

The COVID-19 health care crisis presses on, with material challenges still arising in California and globally. Notwithstanding the pandemic’s persistence, though, encouraging developments are emerging that underscore successes in the fight to restore normalcy.

Such stories are of course vitally important in a world seemingly turned upside down. We duly noted in a recent Law Offices of Connie Yi blog post that no person in California or elsewhere “could even a brief few weeks ago remotely imagine the vastly aligned universe we now live in.”

We further underscored in our April 13 entry our firm’s continued ability to provide needed estate planning services to our valued and diverse clientele in the Bay Area and across California. We stressed that, despite pandemic-linked uncertainties, “there are still ways for clients to work closely with their trusted advisers and advance important agendas.”

A recent article addressing planning concerns notes that it is currently more important than ever for individuals and families “to make sure your estate planning is on the right track.”

That track is not the same in every instance, but it generally does lead to secured goals concerning a few key matters.

One of them is the drafting of a valid will and last testament. Many planners also promote important objectives through the execution of one or more trusts, which are impressively flexible tools for addressing myriad estate matters. Making attorney designations relevant to health care and financial concerns is also at the top of a to-do list for many planners.

The present health crisis has of course disrupted the customary way of doing things. Timely and tailored estate planning can still be accomplished, though. We welcome contacts to our firm and the opportunity to work with clients having planning questions and concerns.


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