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Your estate plan: timely creation coupled with periodic updates

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Candidly, estate planning is legal subject matter that much of the general public in California and nationally is not immediately comfortable with. The topic perennially ranks at or near the top of “not now” lists concerning matters that are surrounded by procrastination and repetitive stalling on the part of would-be planners.

Established estate planning and administration professionals understand that, but lament the hesitation they often see. In good faith, they routinely strive to overcome it via open and instructive client communication.

Unsurprisingly, that often works in a resounding way. In fact, legions of individuals and families that initially balk at addressing planning essentials quickly come to see the vast utility and virtual lifelong relevance of sound planning when it is introduced to them in an objective vein.

Concededly, though, getting to that point sometimes requires the elimination of a good deal of misinformation that accompanies the planning realm. That can make for a bit of a consultative process geared toward erasing falsity and promoting fundamental planning truths. As a recent Forbes article spotlighting the industry notes, “There are many common misconceptions surrounding the topic of estate planning.”

The Forbes piece addresses many of those “first order of business” topics that a proven attorney often visits en route to the eventual crafting of a soundly tailored and crafted estate plan for a valued client. They include addressing the mistaken view that effective planning in every instance only entails the drafting of a will and is “only a concern for retirees or those over age 55.”

In fact, an estate plan is deeply relevant for most demographics and has utility at virtually every stage of life. The above-cited article delves into the reasons why, which we will spotlight in our next blog post.