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Many individuals spanning broad and diverse pockets of Northern California are the founders and operators of successful businesses. A fair number of those enterprises have an international nexus, through production, investment or other ways.

We note on our website at the long-established Bay Area Law Offices of Connie Yi that the complexity and dynamism of such companies can give rise to myriad tax issues. Those often involve offshore accounts and asset transfers.

Legions of those same families having tax law challenges (and, candidly, opportunities) are also logically focused upon estate matters, just as are millions of other Americans. They think about things like asset protection, beneficiary designation and inheritances, trust creation and the retention of privacy relevant to finances, loved ones’ special needs, family legacies and more.

Given the dual nature of tax and estate planning concerns that loom large for many persons, doesn’t it make sense for those individuals to seek counsel from a law firm with proven acumen in both those areas?

We modestly submit so at the Law Offices of Connie Yi, where we have diligently served a diverse clientele for many years from multiple Bay Area locations.

Our empathetic and tailored representation owes prominently to the hard-earned and integrated background of a principal attorney who long practiced as a CPA at a “Big Four” accounting firm prior to opening her own law firm. Our lawyers now craft strategies for clients that comprehensively take account of probate, estate administration, foreign account issues, tax considerations and more.

We welcome contacts to the firm from individuals and families seeking focused estate planning/tax guidance that is both logically integrated and focused always on optimal results.