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This single factor centrally influences estate planning effectiveness

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Readers perusing our website at the established Bay Area estate planning Law Offices of Connie Yi might note the repeated reference of one specific term.

Namely, that is the word “comprehensive.” We stress multiple times on a relevant planning page the comprehensive nature of our advocacy on behalf of valued and diverse California clients seeking to implement optimal estate plans.

What exactly does that mean?

Here is what it does not mean: crafted documents that are more boilerplate than anything else. Although standardized and essentially generic work product does attach to some work done in the legal sphere, it should never be on display concerning the input of an estate planning attorney.

Cookie-cutter representation in the estate planning realm grossly disserves individuals and families seeking meaningful input from a professional they have reposed trust in concerning very important subject matter.

What is fundamentally needed is a response underscored in a strategy that thoroughly considers the unique aspects relevant to every client. Estate planning must be thorough and tailored, with resulting recommendations and executed documents that are clearly well-considered

In a word, that means … comprehensive.

Anything less materially disrespects planners who justifiably rely upon a professional to render key advice and advocacy concerning key financial and additional matters. Those range broadly from asset preservation, lawful tax avoidance and wealth transfers to charitable giving, family legacy concerns and many additional considerations.

That can’t be done via reliance on a few simple forms and/or generally indifferent representation that fails to exhaustively consider every element that is conceivably important to a planner.

Proven estate planning law firms don’t operate that way. We duly note at the Law Offices of Connie Yi that we “create comprehensive estate plans that protect [clients’] assets, their families and their futures.”

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