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Are you tempted by do-it-yourself estate planning?

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Legions of people in California and nationally routinely sidestep contacts to professionals in lieu of trying to accomplish a particular goal on their own.

Examples of that can be quickly supplied, and across a broad front. Some individuals put “for sale by owner” signs in their front yards, making best efforts to sell their homes without input from a realtor. Lots of people make a go at personally managing all their money matters without consulting a financial adviser. People cut their own hair, try to remedy plumbing problems on their own, self-medicate when sick and make forays into all manner of renovation projects without help from contractors. The list goes on.

Sometimes that works swimmingly well, and sometimes, well … it doesn’t.

In fact, do-it-yourself efforts often reap dire downsides and even adverse legal consequences for individuals who overestimate their own abilities concerning select endeavors and try to go solo to save some cash.

Estate planning is a case in point.

We note that objectively and without fanfare on our website at the proven Bay Area estate planning Law Offices of Connie Yi. We know it to be true because we have often seen the unforeseen and negative consequences resulting from so-called “DIY” efforts.

Moreover, we have helped many diverse and valued clients recover from those consequences through professional follow-up planning that is tailored and legally responsive to what they truly seek and need.

We duly stress on our website that no single recipe optimally promotes planning goals for all individuals and families. In fact, routinely following the boilerplate “solutions” that routinely feature in one-size-fits-all booklets and software programs can readily invite disaster for a planner.

Any such downside can be safely sidestepped through working together with an experienced planning professional. Estate planning and administration is a nuanced, complementary exercise that is materially different in every case. Professional input can help ensure that a plan fully promotes objectives and maximally reduces the potential for legal risks and future disputes.