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Focusing on the term “digital” in your California estate planning

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The writer of a recent Kiplinger article on estate planning asks readers to consider “how much of your life is connected to your computer, mobile phone and other devices.”

Maybe you don’t want to think about that.

In fact, you might well be among the ever-growing number of individuals across California and the globe who has just about short-circuited trying to keep track of your so-called “digital profile.”

If that is true, you likely have a close nexus to 21st-century tech tools and online realities. You almost certainly have an email account. You’re perhaps on Facebook and multiple other social media sites. You might almost never visit a bank, preferring to do all your financial activities online. There could be scrawled references throughout your home with inked listings of user names and passwords that are getting, well, a little out of control.

You need to control them.

Easier said than done?

Not necessarily, stresses Kiplinger writer Marcy Keckler, a financial adviser and wealth strategist. Keckler states that, while it “will take a proactive approach to get your digital estate in order,” it’s a doable proposition.

And it is certainly an endeavor that, once done, will be immeasurably appreciated by your heirs and beneficiaries down the road.

Keckler echoes legions of other financial commentators who routinely preach the wisdom of enlisting the timely and close aid of a proven estate planning attorney to help with any digital housecleaning and overhaul.

Indeed, there can be a lot to think about and do. Effort will typically range from a complete identification of all digital assets and their relevant access information to the designation (lawful and enforceable) of individuals to whom you wish to convey account-access powers.

It’s a brave new world out there. Experienced estate planning and administration attorneys routinely help valued and diverse clients successfully interact with it.