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Scratching off that year-end list: Time to talk estate planning?

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Kudos for you if you’re a good-faith planner who truly does try to stay on top of important things in life. Perhaps you have some sort of to-do list that you periodically adjust and try to stay tracked in on throughout the year.

Many people do, of course, whether on a computer spreadsheet or a scratched-through index card that follows them around in a shirt or blouse pocket from day to day.

Maybe a “focus on paying down mortgage” entry tops the list. Perhaps it’s followed by a job-related jotting (“seek promotion harder”), a personal ultimatum to finally join the nearby health club or an “ask her to marry me” bulleted point in uppercase.

Does your laptop or daily-carted Post-it note perhaps contain the following self-imperative as well?

To wit: Make an appointment with an attorney to finally get some solid understanding on estate planning,

We’re a proven and long-established estate administration firm at the Bay Area Law Offices of Connie Yi, PC, so readers of our blog can likely guess our answer to that. We know from long experience that many people are flatly surprised by the sheer utility and broad-based applicability of a well-tailored estate plan that touches all material bases in their life.

Many individuals that have a candid and cordial sit-down with us in our offices come away with a far greater appreciation than they previously did for what solid planning can accomplish for their families. They see the deep relevance across generations and linked with fundamentally important matters ranging from asset preservation and tax savings to inheritances and family legacies.

We respectfully suggest to a would-be planner that a timely consultation covering key estate planning points will be a valuable and illuminating exercise. We’ll spotlight some of the reasons why in our next blog post.