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What truly motivates individuals to take estate planning action?

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Lots of things contribute to would-be estate planners becoming actual doers, of course. Procrastination is often ultimately defeated by a replaced sense of urgency that increases as time goes by. Children grow up, with parents naturally thinking of ways to help them in future years. Select loved ones might have special needs, which mandates recognition of that fact and the employment of a legal plan to address it. Family legacy concerns might loom large.

Often, a combination of such factors and other considerations collectively inspire an individual or couple to sit down with a proven planning professional to identify core goals and take the necessary legal steps to promote them.

Notwithstanding the specifics that propel action, though, a more general concern is often the key motivator driving proactivity in the estate planning realm. A financial adviser noted in a recently penned article for Forbes that working closely with an experienced estate administration attorney increases a planner’s sense of “control and management.”

And that in itself, says columnist Joel Johnson, is what often jumpstarts and ultimately yields a viable planning strategy. Fear of the unknown and uncertain outcomes — especially as relates to key matters such as personal assets and tax implications – can be a key catalyst driving purposeful action.

Seasoned attorneys who command deep experience in asset-preservation and tax-avoidance matters understand that motivation well, knowing that it is what often prompts an initial communication from an eventual client.

And it is that initial need of a would-be planner to have a stress-free and informative discussion concerning critically important money matters that is foundational in setting the stage for a trusted collaboration.

That can lead to a well-reasoned and tightly tailored estate plan that makes optimal sense in a given case.

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