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If in doubt re estate planning, one timely step after another

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If you’re a would-be estate planner who continually procrastinates while knowing that it’s important to put things in place, it might be useful for you to evoke a metaphor or image that can help you get started.

Consider painting, for example. It’s a bit daunting to think about all the work entailed in painting the whole house in one huge and sustained effort, right?

What if you approach things from a room-by-room strategy, though? A seemingly daunting task can be rendered far simpler and eminently more doable when it is broken down into smaller pieces.

That is precisely the advice rendered by a financial columnist in a recent article penned for the national online outlet CNBC. Reporter Lorie Konish echoes the sentiments of established estate planning attorneys across the country when she states that, “Breaking out the tasks you need to do one by one can help you stay motivated.”

Motivation is truly the buzz word here, given that many individuals and families become overwhelmed by the planning process.

It doesn’t need to be that way. A seasoned legal advocate well versed in diverse estate concerns, tax implications and related considerations can help a client implement a step-by-step strategy that truly promotes planning goals.

Those aims will be unique for every individual and necessarily differ in every case. As Konish notes, though, they will almost certainly entail close consideration of a few core documents. Those centrally include a will, an advance health care directive and powers of attorney focused upon financial affairs and health concerns.

The process might seem overwhelming, but proven legal counsel can both simplify it and help a client gain material peace of mind through following through on important family and financial matters.