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Why your business demands close attention in your estate planning

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California business owners — regardless of the size and type of their created enterprises — never forget how hard they worked to transform their entrepreneurial visions into profitable companies.

We vicariously share their pride at the Alameda County Law Offices of Connie Yi, P.C. Our principal attorney, who combines extensive experience as both an estate planning lawyer and certified public accountant, routinely promotes the interests of individuals and families in their business planning.

We appreciate the creative spark and sustained toil that fueled commercial success. We acknowledge on a page of our website devoted to business succession planning that you “poured your heart and soul” into the company you established. We intimately understand your concern that it remain viable and in the control of designated successors in future generations.

Notably, and while that is a commonly stated goal of family business owners, many people do not timely take action to optimally promote it. That is, they fail to ensure that their business will smoothly transition to key players down the road when the time comes for material adjustments.

A key role for any proven estate administration attorney well versed in business matters is to offer on-point guidance to clients that will truly help them craft a sound and well-tailored succession plan. The following bullet list cites some of the benefits realized from that:

  • Continuity and enduring business trust engendered from having a known successor
  • Key contracts put into place, including buy-sell agreements and important employee contracts
  • Tax strategies implemented to limit adverse business consequences
  • Defined long-term goals that address legacy considerations

A California business owner with long-range planning concerns can reach out to a proven Bay Area legal professional for candid guidance and assistance in succession-related matters.