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When it comes to effective estate planning, should the bottom line be predominantly focused on maximizing or minimizing?

Many readers of our blog likely know that the answer to that query is going to be anything but absolute, given all the ifs, buts and maybes prevalent in the legal universe.

In fact, and as we note on our website at the estate planning and tax law blog at the San Francisco Bay Area Law Offices of Connie Yi, PC, it is necessary for any individual or family implementing a sound planning strategy “to maximize tax benefits and to minimize tax liability.”

Doing one without the other would merely equate to a job half done. Candidly, it would be nonsensical to even attempt a unilateral focus zeroed in on either benefits or liability alone.

Although all experienced estate planning attorneys get that, they don’t uniformly deliver the same results.

They can’t.

And here’s why: Some attorneys lack backgrounds and solid experience in the financial aspects of estate planning that are centrally important. They are, indeed, lawyers, but they aren’t accountants.

Connie Yi is both, with a complementary and rare background that combines her recognized status as a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, Estate and Probate Law in California with more than a decade of hard-earned experience as a Certified Public Accountant working at a “Big Four” accounting firm.

Those two blended professional hats can materially and seamlessly assist a client seeking to implement a well-considered and efficient estate plan that takes an integrated view of investments/benefits and tax liability/lawful avoidance.

We welcome readers’ contacts to the firm and the opportunity to discuss your planning aspirations and desired outcomes.