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July 2016 Archives

Being a trust administrator: hardly a casual, indifferent task

Here's a central reality regarding trust administration in California and across the United States: Individuals who establish trust vehicles (such persons are often termed trustors or settlers) as planning tools intended to benefit others often appoint trust administrators without sufficiently considering their estate-related acumen and ability to properly manage the trust.

What is meant by undue influence?

Wills are an essential part of estate planning. A clearly written, comprehensive will can certainly relive grieving family members of confusion and misunderstandings. But what happens after the will is drafted and then changed due to the influence of a loved one, family member or caretaker?

IRS continues to pursue Facebook over foreign asset transfers

Over the last few years, multiple U.S. companies have come under heavy criticism by federal officials for their reliance on elaborate tax-savings strategies, such as inversions. For those unfamiliar with inversions, they involve U.S.-based companies merging with companies located in tax-friendly nations, and subsequently establishing their new corporate headquarters there in a bid to escape corporate income taxes in the U.S.

Could you avoid an RMD tax?

If you are nearing retirement and have been saving diligently, the time is come to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Of course, you deserve the benefit of tax deferred savings, but the federal government may be just as interested in your money if you don’t withdraw it.

How a controversial tax proposal is further dividing San Francisco

While many people envision San Francisco as a primary destination for tech companies and one of America's most thriving metropolitan areas, this wasn't necessarily the case just a few years ago. Indeed, during the height of the recent recession the city saw an unemployment rate close to 10 percent.

Voters to decide whether to prolong the life of Proposition 30

California's 2016 ballot is shaping up to be very interesting, as voters will be asked to decide everything from whether proposed legislation should be published online for at least 72 hours before state lawmakers can vote to whether to legalize the sale and use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Does your child have a summer job? Don't forget about taxes

Now that summer is here, many parents are wondering how to keep their children active and productive. For older teenagers, the answer may be to get a summer job. There are many benefits to seasonal work, including earning spending money and getting an introduction into adult responsibility.

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