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How to jumpstart would-be estate planning

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Uncategorized |

It’s no surprise that legions of Californians and individuals elsewhere across the country have a bit of a problem shaking off lethargy when it comes to estate planning.

That is, they’d rather just think about it (if at all), rather than getting off the couch and taking purposeful action to get started.

And that’s no surprise. Any poll on the subject matter will doubtless reveal that many Americans would, well, rather get a root canal than craft an estate plan.

After all, dental work isn’t often fatal. Death, by definition, is.

And death undeniably is a key focal point in most estate plans. Crafters’ strategies are often closely fixed on instruments – e.g., wills and trusts – that centrally address what should be done with assets after a planner passes away. Who will get them? When? And subject to what, if any, conditions?

Multiple commentators in a recent article from the publication MarketWatch duly point out, though, that overly fixating on the inevitable largely misses a key point about planning.

And that is this: It’s for the living. In fact, notes one financial planner, a well-crafted estate plan is “the best love letter you can write to those you love.” The exercise should be hopeful and uplifting, even inspiring for individuals and couples who are solidly tuned in to the needs and aspiration of their next-generation loved ones.

One way to avoid procrastination is to simply schedule an appointment at an established estate planning law office. An experienced and empathetic attorney can explain the broad benefits conferred by a carefully tailored plan and help an individual or family get started on the process.