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Pleasanton, California, Tax Attorney

Are you facing an IRS tax audit? Many people facing a tax examination make the mistake of thinking they have no rights once they step inside the IRS offices. Every year, the IRS counts on misinformation and intimidation tactics to extract millions of dollars that rightfully belong to taxpayers.

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If you are facing an audit, it is vitally important that you get the facts about your rights as a taxpayer. I am tax audit defense attorney Connie Yi. From my offices in Pleasanton, California, and additional locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, I provide tax audit help for people who are confused and worried about what to expect from an IRS examination.

I am a problem solver: I present several solutions to the IRS. I can help you refinance your house or seek other options to meet your tax obligations, if necessary. Remember, the IRS does not want to see you in jail, they just want the money they feel they are due. I will fight hard to protect your taxpayer rights and financial interests, while finding the right solutions for your family or business.

Call me toll-free at (888) 312-6978 or contact my offices . I have more than five years of experience helping clients resolve their most complex tax issues, including:

  • IRS Tax audit defense
  • Tax workouts and installment plans
  • Income and corporate tax preparation
  • Tax accounting
  • Estate tax advice
  • Business tax audits and legal counsel

I will give you an honest appraisal of your legal situation

One thing you do not need right now is a lawyer telling you half-truths just to get your business. You are facing a potentially serious problem. When you contact me for an initial consultation, I will provide an honest assessment of your case, making sure you are aware of all the potential pitfalls of any decision that you make.

I'll fight aggressively to save every penny — even trial, if necessary.

Generally, there will be actions we can take to increase your chance of a successful audit and help you reduce the amount the IRS says you may owe. Sometimes, however, your best course of action will be to work out a plan to pay the IRS what they determine you owe. If you still disagree with their assessment, we can proceed with tax litigation in court.

I will handle everything, from initial investigation of your return and documentation, through case preparation and representation at your audit.

Too many clients tell me that their former attorney never returned their phone calls. I promise responsive, reliable services that are based on helping you resolve your tax problem as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Contact me to discuss your case and learn why having a CPA makes a difference.