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For the safety of our community, clients and staff, we have suspended all in-person meeting effective March 17, 2020. All consultation meetings will be via Phone or Zoom Video Conferencing. Please contact us at 925-484-0888 or email us directly at [email protected] to schedule the consultation.

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Bay Area Trust Litigation Attorney

I am attorney Connie Yi. For more than 10 years I have been aggressively representing my clients’ interests during trust disputes.

Located in Alameda County, the Law Offices of Connie Yi, PC, represents beneficiaries and trustees throughout the Bay Area.

Trust Litigation Lawyer In San Francisco

At the Law Offices of Connie Yi, PC, I represent trustees and beneficiaries during a wide variety of trust litigation disputes, including:

  • Accounting disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty actions
  • Trust misappropriation
  • Trust mismanagement
  • Contesting the validity of a trust
  • Contesting trust terms

Protecting Trustees During Trust Litigation

Trustees must manage trust assets and administer the trust for the sole benefit of the beneficiaries. In addition, California law imposes a long list of responsibilities on trustees, including the duty to provide an accounting of trust assets, liabilities, expenses and debts to beneficiaries. Failure to meet any of these duties can expose trustees to personal liability.

Many times, failure to provide an accurate accounting can cause beneficiaries to bring trust litigation suits against the trustee.

I am well positioned to represent trustees during accounting disputes. In addition, I also provide accounting services to trustees to ensure they provide accurate accountings to beneficiaries and reduce the possibility of future trust disputes.

When trustees are family members who are managing a family trust, disputes can quickly escalate into family feuds. I provide guidance to trustees on a wide range of issues, including discharging their duties under the trust document, dealing with difficult beneficiaries and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Helping Trust Beneficiaries Enforce Their Rights

As a beneficiary, you have many rights. Most importantly among them are the rights to be treated impartially by the trustee, be considered for trust distributions and for the trustee to act in accordance with the trust document. When trustees fail to meet their legal duties, or breach terms of the trust document, you have legally enforceable rights against them.

If you believe you are being mistreated by a trustee or that the trustee is mismanaging funds, I can help. Together, we will bring suit to stop the wrongful behavior, enforce your rights under the trust, and in some circumstances, petition the court for a new trustee.

Contact The Law Offices Of Connie Yi, PC

If you are involved in trust litigation, or would like advice regarding a potential trust dispute, I can help. Contact my office at 888-312-6978 to schedule a consultation. I speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese.

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