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How family dynamics affect estate conflicts

An old joke is that wherever there's a will . . . there are greedy relatives. While there is indeed truth in that adage, that's by far not the sole dynamic at play in most estate battles.The truth is that each of the decedent's heirs and family members brings a...

Some planning considerations with election clock ticking

It's been quite a year thus far, hasn't it? And a certain political event is looming larger by the moment.Maybe you've already got November 3 circled on your calendar. That spells the first Tuesday of that month, which of course marks the day when scores of millions...

IRS focusing on taxes allegedly due re offshore company accounts

 Estate planning can entail special complexities and challenges in almost any given case. Some California residents know that to be especially true when a portion of family assets reside in one or more offshore accounts. In such a case, a prominent third party...

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