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Charitable giving is a wonderful way to meet your philanthropic goals, while protecting your family's estate from high tax obligations. But what is the right way to give to nonprofit organizations? Will a lump sum donation have the same impact on your tax deductions as a charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT)? Will establishing a family charitable trust cost more to administer than your tax savings will offset?

Issues such as capital gains tax law are complex

I am tax attorney Connie Yi. I can answer all of your questions about estate planning questions and help you find the legal instruments that will work to your best tax advantage. In addition to my law practice, I am also a certified public accountant (CPA) with more than seven years of experience working for a Big Four public accounting firm.

From my offices in Pleasanton, California, I provide tax and estate planning legal services for residents throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact me to learn more.

Maximizing your benefits from charitable giving is complex. It involves complex issues such as:

Capital gains tax law: When is the right time to sell your securities and property assets and invest the capital gains in a charitable trust that will reduce your tax obligations?

Private foundation: Charitable donation planning for wealthy donors often involves setting up a private foundation for distributing funds. What are the financial trade-offs?

Charitable annuities: Some nonprofit groups promise to payout a lifetime annuity in return for a lump sum donation now? Is this option right for your family?

Trust administration: What are the real costs of paying someone to administer your charitable trust?

What difference does a CPA make?

Charitable giving and estate planning involve the federal tax code. Every decision you make today will have an impact on your family's future tax obligations. As a licensed CPA and experienced tax law attorney, I can work with your family to do the hands-on calculations and strategizing to help you determine what tax issues are likely to have the greatest impact your financial future.

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